Spring Assisted Helve Hammer Plans.

     The power hammer is a tool of immeasurable value to the blacksmith.  It is a force multiplier with the ability to perform drawing, reducing, forming, cutting, and welding operations in the fraction of the time that a man can. It provides both a labor savings as well as increased production time.  With the doubling speed of technology in an era of mass production and disposable consumer goods the small shop blacksmith is relatively uncommon today.  With commercially manufactured power hammers in low demand they are only manufactured by a few companies. Due to high cost of materials and expensive tooling for limited production runs these companies demand a premium for their products which is out of the reach of most single smith shops.  Detailed herein are the plans for a small compact power hammer which can be built by most small shop blacksmiths for about 15% of the cost of a commercially available unit.


Hot things burn, sharp things cut, and anything that moves has the potential to pinch, crush, or abrade.   Always use appropriate personal protective equipment.


     The author of this document is not an engineer.  It is the users’ responsibility to ensure their own safety while constructing or using this hammer or any variation thereof.  These plans are free to download and full license is given to share and repost the information so long as credit is given to the author.  By downloading and/or using these plans the user holds blameless the author for any injury to himself or others.

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