Frequently Asked Questions:

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What metals do you use?

- I use a variety of metals depending on the qualities desired of the blade.  The most important thing is that I only use metals from trusted sources.  That is, I never use "mystery steel".  "Mystery steel" is any steel from a questionable source. Leaf springs, saw blades, etc.... while these metals have the potential to make quality blades no one who uses these metals can actually tell you what metal they are using... as such there is no way for them to be absolutely certain that their heat treat processes are creating consistent results. Here at Last Resort Blade, unless you specifically ask me for a knife made from your grandfather's farrier rasp (and we have had a discussion about the potential pitfalls of mystery steel), your knife will be made from 1st quality custom milled steel... Let me know the intended use for your blade and I will recommend a few steels that meet your needs.

Are your blades better than..... ?

- "Better" is the wrong word.  Every blade-smith/knife-maker makes his blades the way he does because he sees a merit in his materials and methods... for some the merit is in the profit margin of the manufacturing process and volume of sales... for others it's making something with a high "cool factor" that can be treated like a sharpened crowbar. For others yet it is a presentation quality piece of art.... For me it's all about making a unique weapon that serves it's owner for his lifetime in the manner it was created to.  In blade-smithing everything is a compromise... if you want toughness (impact resistance) you loose edge retention.  If you want edge retention you increase the chances of edge chipping, or even breakage, with hard use.   It just all depends what you are looking for.... I make what YOU are looking for.  Ensuring every step of the way the highest level of quality control.

Can you make me a blade just like ..... ?

- All of my blades are hand forged and hand ground. So no blade will ever be "just like" any other blade...Even if it is a recreation of one of my own blades.  I can however produce a blade with a similar symmetry and aesthetic in most cases.

What materials do you use for handles?

- Most all of my handles are an organic material.  Exotic woods, local hard woods, bone, antler, and horn.  Using organic materials adds additional uniqueness to each blade....  but I will work with synthetics if it is requested.

Do they come with a sheath?

- Yes, all of my blades come with a  sheath... Your choice of kydex or hand fitted, hand stitched, 10oz oak leaf leather sheath.

How do you price your blades?

- Hourly wage + materials = price ... There is no off-hand markup just because something is custom... When hand forging, grinding, and finishing the process is the same whether it is your design or mine.

Do you accept payment other than paypal?

- Yes.  cash, check (though blades are not shipped till checks clear), postal money order, money gram... and of course barter.  Sorry NO Western Union.


- Why not.  Value is value.  If I can put it to use I'm open to trade.... Guns, ammo, firewood, lumber, meat, your first born child... The possibilities are endless... Of course this is easier if you are at least semi local.

What is your return policy?

- Blades are shipped insured with tracking so I know when you receive it.... Upon receipt you have a 3 day inspection period. During this time blades may be returned for any reason in unused condition for a full refund.  If blades are returned damaged I will assess the cost of repairs and prorate refunds at my descretion.

Do you offer a warranty?

- All of my blades are guaranteed against "honest failure" for the life of the smith.... If you have a problem contact me and I'll do my best to make it right.

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