Now offering custom cutlery!

Available as sets or pieces.

As always all of my blades are made to order and 100% hand-crafted by me with the use of no jigs or guides and are 100% RC tested. As such no two pieces will be exactly identical across a set.

With the exception of the large fillet/caving knife all of these blades are 60RC hardness. The fillet knife was tempered down to 55RC for additional flexibility. This set is done in AEB-L steel, which is quickly becoming a favorite of mine due to it's combination of excellent corrosion resistance, ability to take and keep a shave sharp edge, and its ability to be tempered across a wider range of RCs making it a very versatile steel.

That being said I would also be glad to do sets or pieces in San Mai, Damascus, or the steel of your choice.

For AEB-L my pricing is as follows:
Steak and paring knives:
qty 1 = $125, 2 = $225, 4= $400, 6= $550
Chef and fillet/carving knive
6" = $175, 8" = $225
As always police and military discounts apply in spite of already reduced set pricing.