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All of my blades are hand forged, hand ground, and hand finished in my one man shop... there are no power hammers, presses, machine tools, jigs, or patterns used in the making of my blades.  They are 100% hand-crafted.

Each custom blade is made specifically for it's owner.  From the size of their hands to being heat treated in the manner best fitting its intended purpose. Each blade is unique to it's purpose and owner.


1/06/2016 - Forge Expansion! D2 and 154CM added to our steel selection!
After a long winter of process and destructive testing with my new cryogenic (liquid nitrogen) setup and Skut electric kiln I am excited to be adding D2 and 154CM to my steel offerings.  Look for us to be adding more stainless and high alloy steels to our offerings in the not too distant future.
8/25/2015 - Damascus Now Available for Your Custom Needs!

Spent a long weekend making Damascus with my good friend Ed Caffrey's and now have a goodly stock for your custom blades or fittings.

All are made from 1084/15n20.

In order of appearance:
-410 layer maiden's hair
-41 layer crushed W's
- 169 layer hammer forged random
-328 layer hammer forged random.

(Sorry not selling billets.  Since I have to borrow the tools to do this I am only making batches for my own use at this time)

7/31/2015 - Now Custom Engraving!


3/31/2015 - Forge Expansion Progress.... HALF WAY THERE!
After much tinkering and testing I have finally gotten new forge and the first low temp salt bath refined and working with precision.  I now have exacting thermostatic control for heat treating and austempering blades up to 13 inches.  Phase two (a large heat treat oven and salt bath for blades up to 48inches) should move more quickly now that I have a handle on the techniques and technology.
12/18/2014 - Forge Expansion Underway
Due to a demand for larger blades which my current set up does not accommodate. I am upgrading the forge to include a large heat treat oven and low temp salt baths.  This expansion will enable not only better control during heat treating but also increase my max blade size to 48 inches.
11/01/2014 - We now have true L6 steel in stock!


For those who don't know what that means.  L6 is almost universally renowned as the BEST blade steel in the world and is very difficult to come by in blade stock.

It is the blade steel of choice of the worlds top oriental bladesmiths. 

Get your custom L6 blade before it's gone.